MyRoboAdviser™ | Investing For Your Goals
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Investing For Your Goals

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”
-Alan Lakein, Businessman, Author

Our automated technology analyzes your financial goals and time frame and recommends an investment portfolio that is customized for you.

You can select the recommended portfolio or choose on a more conservative or more aggressive allocation. You always have the option to modify your portfolio selection at any time if your unique circumstances or needs change.


0-12 Month Time Horizon

This investment portfolio is designed for funds you need to use in the near term.  The short-term bond ETFs in this portfolio are intended to provide the opportunity to earn some income.


1-3 Year Horizon

This investment portfolio is designed for shorter-term liquidity needs. Think of the things you’re looking purchase 1 to 3 years out.


3-5 Year Horizon

Whether you’re starting to save for a home down payment or for a new vehicle, this portfolio is designed for intermediate goals that are 3 to 5 years on the horizon.


5-10 Year Horizon

Whether its your dream house, a new car, or the vacation you’ve always wanted to take, this portfolio is designed to help you growth your wealth more aggressively over time.


15 -25 Year Horizon

Whether its a vacation home, once-in-a-lifetime trip or something else, this portfolio is designed for your longer-term goals.


25+ Year Horizon

This is a long-term investment account or for aggressive investors. Our advice customizes investment portfolios and suggests a monthly deposit according to your retirement age and personal needs.

ETF Models

Rooted in the institutional style of investing, MyRoboAdviser offers 6 ETF models to help you reach your goals. Four of these models were created using 3-Dimensions: Global Equities, Global Fixed Income and Global Risk-Managed.

Learn the benefits of using our 3-D Endowment Investment Philosophy®

Based on your goal and time horizon, our system will automatically choose an allocation for you. You can accept our recommendation or you have the option to select a more conservative or aggressive portfolio. To view an overview of our portfolio asset class allocations, click on the image to the right.

Helping you build your financial future

Above all else, we believe in the power of effective planning. Although investing is a key component in reaching your financial goals, there’s no guarantee that you’ll reach your goals without the right plan. Our automated solution helps you monitor whether you are on or off track.

MyRoboAdviser’s investment process takes into account your goals and your investment time horizon in order to create an effective and personalized asset allocation.

If you ever have a question – call us!  You can speak with one of our CFP® professionals at no extra charge!