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How to Open a Trust Account at

26 Apr How to Open a Trust Account at

How to Establish a Trust Account

Setting up a Trust account is quick and can be done entirely online. Clients can have both a personal account and multiple trust accounts that can be accessed from a single login.

To add a Trust account, you must be the trustee of the trust entity.  As a trustee, you will first need to sign up for a personal account. Start by going to, click on the “Open an Account” tab.  You will then be directed to the website of Betterment for Advisors, the technology partner for MyRoboAdviser to initiate the account opening process.

Once you have established you’re your personal account and are logged in, the following can help you set up your Trust account:

1. Click “Add account” (Right side of page in blue)

2. Select “Trust” radio button, then “Continue” at bottom and continue by filling out the questions at the prompts

3. Is the Trust a U.S. Domestic Trust? Y/N (only U.S. domestic trusts can be accepted)

4. Enter details (legal Name of the Trust, the Nickname or short name (how it will show up on statements, etc.), State of Organization, Date established, Taxpayer ID type (EIN/SSN), Address, City, State, Zip, then “Continue”

5. Acknowledge account opening agreements by checking the box

6. Upload the required pages of your Trust document*.  You do not have to upload a copy of your entire trust agreement. You need to provide electronic copies of the only following pages:

The title page which generally contains the trust’s title, TIN, date of establishment and the state of organization

The signature page(s), which contain the signatures of all authorized trustees.

7. Add Beneficiary information

*Note- Be sure provide only pages from your original Trust document

The following documents are not accepted in lieu of the original trust agreement:

    • Certificate of Trusts
    • Memorandum of Trusts
    • Affidavit of Trusts

It will take 4-5 days to approve the Trust account.  You will receive an email from Betterment when your trust account has been approved.  After the trust is approved, transferring assets from your individual (taxable) accounts will require written confirmation from the client to complete the transfer of other account assets into your trust.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about your recommended allocation and the goals for you Trust assets, you can contact us directly at 920.785.6012 or email us at  For more information on Trusts and setting up a Trust account, visit the Trusts section on the Betterment website.  Betterment for Advisors, also maintains a support line you can call for site navigation assistance at 800.400.1571.

Last updated April 24, 2018

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