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Our Endowment Investment Philosophy®

We differentiate our investment advisory service by utilizing the Endowment Investment Philosophy®. This approach adds a third bucket of asset classes, which we refer to as "Risk Managed" or Liquid Alternatives to globally-diversified stock-bond portfolios to create a more robust asset allocated portfolio. The Endowment Investment Philosophy® has historically been pursued by major university endowments like Yale and Harvard. Our research indicates this approach offers potential to improve portfolio returns with lower overall portfolio volatility over 2-dimensional portfolios that would otherwise contain solely stocks and bonds.

Risk managed or alternative asset classes may include hedge strategies, private equity and real assets, such as commodities, real estate, timber, and precious metals. We use liquid alternatives, in the form of ETFs, to represent these various asset classes within our 3-dimensional portfolios. The holdings within our 3-dimensional portfolios are derived from the underlying components of the Endowment Index®. Each of these ETFs represents an asset class often found in university endowments.

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We Have Combined Our Investment Advice With Connectivity & Technology to Provide an Innovative Financial Solution For You

Technology and innovation is connecting people all over the world, increasingly creating a more inclusive, dynamic, global economy. Our Endowment-themed portfolios uniquely help your investments reflect this new global economy in both geographic and asset allocation terms.

Our portfolios are constructed 100% of passively-managed, index-based ETFs. While similar to mutual funds, ETFs offer several advantages: representation of specific asset classes (including alternatives), cost-effectiveness, tax efficiency, portfolio holdings transparency, and intraday liquidity. These benefits help us build better portfolios, reduce costs, and improve liquidity and transparency when compared to mutual funds.

We are strategic managers, so your investments are 100% invested at all times. However, the liquidity and flexibility of ETFs make it easier for you to modify your goals, add money, or access your funds.